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Your Personal Prophecy Website Operated by Bishop Jordan aka Master Prophet. Spiritual Gifts Home 700 Club Prayer Giving Email Us. This is an opportunity to request a prophetic word through filling out the form beside this text (below on mobiles). Thank you, we look forward to ministering to you. As you signup for your subscription, please make sure your contact /profile information is correct (first and last name, address, email and phone numbers, etc. We provide personal prophecy tapes for donations, Ministry meeting dates and information, Prophetic forcast for the year, ministry resources available. Oct 25, 2019 How Can I Do Personal Prophecy For a Ministry There are various prophetic sites that would wouldn't fret utilizing your serves or else you Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please be patient. How To Request a Prophecy. com. Jan 17, 2013 · Some actually take out Google Ads promoting how you can get a personal prophecy (even every day). Receiving a Prophetic Word To recognize a person's voice, you must know him well. It can help increase a believer’s confidence in the Lord. Some appropriate responses to personal prophecy are: Record and meditate on your prophecy in order to use it to fight the good fight of faith—1 Tim. bishopwomack. This is a website dedicated to giving FREE personal prophecy, dream interpretation, and prayer. Some people question whether personal prophecy is biblical. **** Please make sure that you have filled the correct TELEPHONE NUMBER ( MOBILE /CELLPHONE IF POSSIBLE) Including international code because I may need to contact you if your prophecy is Urgent. Subscribe to our mailing list Aug 11, 2019 · receiving a personal prophecy from someone I was asked a while back to write some things concerning how one might receive a prophetic word from someone else. Request A Prophetic Word. You will receive your prophecy in 10 business days or less attached to your audio email in a format compatible with Microsoft Media Player. If we did it for free we couldn't do it at all. He gave you wisdom to discern things that are from Him. Personal prophecy can and should be a great blessing from the Lord to His Church. You will have the   I know Personal Prophesy is a learned skill. Aug 31, 2004 · Putting Personal Prophecy to the Test. We are offering totally free prophetic ministry or free personal prophecy and free dream interpretation by email as well as life coaching, prophetic ministry teachings, as well as art Prophetic Light Receive a Free personal prophecy. God has been speaking to you about a financial increase in your life. I have send you an email. After You Read This, Respond to Get Your Free Prophecy. However, we do accept donations to help keep this minsitry going. The apostle Paul spoke of the proper biblical response to personal prophecy in his letter to the Corinthians: So, dear brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, and don't forbid speaking in tongues. Aug 12, 2009 · Receiving a personal prophecy can be a powerful moment—a reminder that God knows you intimately, cares for you personally and has a mind-blowing purpose for your life. If the prophets are unholy, not proven and at the very least, unreliable or with the wrong motivation, then do not receive them or their words. Also please if you haven’t received your word of prophecy within the next 7 hours please check your spam folder and remember to add my email admin RPM Prophecy List: * check box NOTE: If you are looking for a great Email Provider to handle your growing Personal, Business or Ministry needs then we recommend YMLP. Our name is Elisha Serves Ministries or otherwise known as Elisha Serves. Bernard Jordan and Zoe Ministries are not affiliated with MJM Ministries and/or Prophet Manasseh Jordan. Personal Prophecy. Under the New Covenant,  Your personal prophecy will mean a lot more to you if you know what prophecy People who have given many words of personal prophecy testify that when the . We guarantee every personal prophecy requested will be accurate. This Prophecy Option is for anything SPECIFIC that you would have me inquire of the Lord on your behalf. Jan 08, 2016 · It is mind boggling to witness so many individuals and Christians who truly do not understand how to receive or properly engage with a personal prophecy or prophets. You can also have a confidential email prophecy sent to your email for this amount via Paypal. Others promise a prophetic word delivered to your e-mail inbox for about the price of a tank of gas. There are more examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than any other biblical subject. Mar 18, 2011 · http://www. Email us at wordofthelord@newwine. This web site is filled with prophetic teachings which will help you understand the process of hearing God for yourself. Contact him by e-mail at pfinn@email. Get Your Personal Prophecy Today. Responding to Personal Prophecy. It was true in the First Century, and it is still true in the Twenty-First Century. We want to help launch you into your purpose and destiny, also encourage and empower you to overcome Life's road blocks and obstacles. Pam Kelly is our House Prophetess and she will respond to your email within 5 days. PLEASE DO NOT USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS AS YOUR USERNAME. Get the answer now 973 click here now to receive your free word of prophecy Debt Free free free bible promises free christmas ball free credit check free download books free loans FREE PERSONAL WORD OF PROPHECY free prophetic word free teaching free word of prophecy prophets of god word of prophecy 2013-08-08 Dec 17, 2019 · Prophecy Watchers is a weekly television program, email newsletter and online bookstore hosted by Bible Prophecy expert Gary Stearman. arizona. I know that God has been speaking to you, and I know for sure He has promised you some things that you have yet to see come to pass in your life. We do appreciate a gift of any amount for the support of this ministry. Prophetic ministry by email. When laying the foundation for what is now known as the Christian church, Apostle Paul was pretty clear on how significant prophecy is. Email us at: propheticnetworks1@gmail. By way of introduction, April is a prophetic hand-maiden of the Lord who has a heart to minister a timely word from the heart of God to bless His children. thru Fri 12 Noon EST Power of Prophecy Call. com with your name and address or call the office (760) 243 4876 with your name and address clearly stated to schedule time for your Personal Ministry word. When you receive a personal prophecy there is a part that you must play in bringing it to pass. prophesies edifies the church. But God was good and poured out His grace and mercy on us in abundance. The donation requested is $25. Regarding your life and your situation, it is wonderful. Prophet Manasseh will send you a  TO RECEIVE FREE WRITTEN PROPHETIC WORD WITHIN 7 HOURS FILL IN . As Prophets we must develop a strong relationship with God, before we can hear his voice. This ministry gave 100% accuracy of a personal  Oct 1, 2010 There are more examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than any other biblical subject. For personal prophecy request, please indicate " Personal Prophecy Request " in the subject of your email. ) * Personal Prophecy requires faith to obtain them and obedience to fulfill them. If you would like to receive a personal prophetic word Like, Retweet, and Comment on this tweet. Request An Online Prophetic Word Request A Prophetic Word Receive a detailed and accurate Prophetic Word from a proven prophetic team who have given thousands of prophetic words to people all over the world to include a President, Presidential candidates, Senators, a Prime Minister, authors, pastors, ministry leaders, professional athletes and TV personalities. Dec 30, 2018 · Heaven’s News Wire will be selecting several active subscribers each month to receive personal prophecies as we are led by the Holy Spirit. . Request your Prophecy . June Reinke He knows your needs, and He wants to have a personal relationship with you. Our desire is for you to profit and prosper through the ministry we offer to you. Wayne really hears from God as the personal prophetic word I received from him was 100% accurate. With integrity and high honor we back up our claim and will immediately send back any gift, donation or payment made to the ministry in case the information received from anyone prophecy sent does not match or confirm criteria in your future. Product Description. A large part of The Vision of the Tabernacle is to equip and assist those who are called into the prophetic ministry. You will receive your personal prophecy in the email as soon as possible. Jul 27, 2017 · As Proverbs 25:11 says, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Please check your spam folder. be directed to Prophecy Media Group by email at clopez@radiowaco. Prophetic ministry in the New Testament will thus confirm, strengthen and reinforce, not mediate and legislate. Please allow time to respond & be sure to use a valid email. Writing it out helps to prevent things from being forgotten. Your Personal Prophetic Word Today! through PayPal or Credit Card a Email is sent to Steven with your Request Prophecy  Editorial Reviews. Blessings, you are not here by accident! The Lord has blessings and miracles in store for you, but first you must hear the word of the Lord concerning your life! Fill out the form below and take the next step in your walk with God. Yet, without her teaching and her clear desire to offer this to so many people, it could never be shared so fully. receieve an email that would hopefully confirmed my suspicion. God wants to bring you close to Him, and He would love that if you can confirm it with yourself. 00 US dollars. Have you received personal prophetic words, but you'd like to have additional insights to Prophetic Counsel service you can submit your questions via email. “The ministry of Wayne Sutton had been a blessing. Something have been activated to destroy your relationship, urgent measure are required as soon as possible please contact me, book for one to one consultation or com and see me in person here in london. the person who prophesies speaks to people for their up building, encouragement, and comfort. 17. Before you receive a prophetic word, God has most likely prepared you for it. Specifically, it is all about what to do with your personal prophecy and equally as important what NOT to do with your personal prophecy. In the New Testament, the indwelling Holy Spirit is the right and privilege of every believer, making the mediation of a special prophet unnecessary. There are a few reasons why a personal prophecy may seem not to come to pass that I can think of, and this is the Fulfillment of personal prophecy is always conditional on the receiver's response, such as personal commitment, integrity, steps of obedience, God’s timing and other factors such as are impressed upon your spirit by Holy Spirit. If you ask for prayer & have donated to this ministry on Paypal, you will receive prayer the same day it has been received. God even gave Wayne revelation of what I do for a living without me saying anything to Wayne! I was really encouraged that God really hears me because Wayne revealed in my personal prophecy what my heart’s desires have been before the Lord. Divination is the practice, in these modern day movements, of personal prophecy that has as its underlying objective to (1) bring people into the prophetic movement through declaring virtually everyone to be a "prophet" and to (2) bring them under the control of the head "prophets" in the prophetic movement through personal prophecy (divination). Dec 8, 2015 Dr. Thank you. Contact Prophet Kyle Personal Prophecy when you need a prophetic word from God. Box 26446 Jacksonville, Florida 32226 Telephone (904) 765-4466 You may send us an email by filling out the form below. You can find Get Studies by Mail If you would like to have someone guide you through the Bible course, we offer personal studies! Request your Personal Prophetic word. The motive of this prophetic manipulator is that they want the personal cell phone number of the wealthy person so they can develop a relationship with them outside of the church and perhaps receive personal donations. Receive a detailed and accurate Prophetic Word from a proven Prophetess who has given thousands of prophetic words to people all over the world to include a president and TV personalities. This is a time of learning to love those who curse you. This teaching concerns this topic and may well even go into more detail at some point in the form of a book. We look forward to seeing you all there! Come one come all! work builds on this sense of duality while invoking themes of personal prophecy, whether self fulfilled For more information email: info (at) talonnyc ( dot) com. We release spiritual restoration, Divine health, His Destiny, the greater glory, increased revelation, knowledge of Him, fullness of provision, financial break through, and the blessings of God over you. Joseph Z is an international prophetic voice that builds lives by the Word of God in the church, government One hour of personal prophecy LIVE on Facebook. Personal prophecy can easily be used to manipulate others, bring false direction People with the gift of prophecy can give us personal information about what will happen in our future. 1:18. Thank you for signing up for Your Personal Prophecy! You will receive an email with your Free Prophecy within 48 hours. He desires that. Fulfillment of personal prophecy is always conditional on the receiver's response, such as personal commitment, integrity, steps of obedience, God’s timing and other factors such as are impressed upon your spirit by Holy Spirit. Dial 515-604-9266 The Fastest Way to Get Your Personal Prophecy For a personal prophecy sent to your email inbox, please send a tax-deductible offering of 50. Please fill out the form below and ask for the Bible Study Series by name . Now I wish that you all spoke in . 1 Thes. In that meeting, a beautiful young girl decided to prophesy over herself. Aug 03, 2006 · There are many people in the Christian community that doubt their personal prophecies that have been spoken over their life by someone. . From August 2013, April has joined us in the personal prophecy team. Our desire in prophetic ministry is to build you up, edify and encourage through the spoken word to know who you are in Him and to be drawn into a deeper intimacy with your heavenly Father. Prophetic Counseling for spiritual breakthrough. we will send the personal prophecy to the email you provide in this form. please check it my personal contact are there. Rev. When the final prophecies are given, those prophecies are then handled by an editor to refine or conclude the messages for delivery to your email. May 18, 2017 · “Personal prophecy” refers to a word, thought, dream, or vision that the Holy Spirit may prompt one person to give another, relating to personal matters. Our response to the prophecy, usually, is what will determine whether or not it is fulfilled. Receive a free prophecy today. ""Prophets and Personal  There are more examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than any other biblical subject. The Bible makes it clear that prophecy is a most powerful gift, and it is encouraged throughout the Scriptures. Allow 7 Full days to receive your Prophecy from the day of Request. We trust the Lord to communicate His heart to you through the gift of prophecy clarifying your personal gifting, Email us at: propheticnetworks1@gmail. Please send me a request for a personal prophecy. Many feel deep reservations about this operation of the gift of prophecy, because sometimes it is abused. About Your Personal Prophecy. Nov 18, 2019 Sadly, those who practice personal prophecy in this manner are often not any different from those who portray themselves as psychics. It can be a  A prophet who is a hireling will give a false prophecy at the request of a team can provide you with a personal prophetic word or message on MP3 via email. Biblical Prophecies, Inc. ) Get A Personal Prophetic Word FREE. Approach the throne of Jesus and personal prophecy with the greatest reverence. Some in the personal prophecy movement advertise with statements such as “come get your prophetic reading,” again, very similar to the terminology psychics employ. Please note: Requests are normally filled within 1-2 weeks from Personal Prophecy Personal Prophecy, Prophetic Fulfillment, Prophetic Word Unfulfilled Prophecy: 4 Things You Can Do While Waiting “Unfulfilled prophecy” refers to that space of time between the giving of a prophetic word and it coming to pass. We appreciate your feedback. " A personal prophetic word is like a priceless piece of heirloom jewelry. 236 pages, softcover from Destiny Image. Confirmation is when some one else who has no way of knowing what the personal prophecy is tells you the same thing, in effect confirming it. Aug 3, 2018 BELIEVERS WHO INQUIRE about God's direction in their lives through a prophet are on dangerous ground. Free personal prophecy and Dream Interpretation, Prophetic Resources, Elisha Serves. What is personal prophecy? How do you use it to serve others? A must-read for anybody who has heard---or thought they heard---from God, Hamon's practical  Whether it is major doctrinal themes, Bible prophecy or the life of Jesus, let us know how we can assist. Please DO NOT reply on other peoples posts. Contact Us: If you wish to contact us by mail, the address is: Word of Prophecy Fellowship P. cc. The Fastest Way to Get Your Personal Prophecy For a personal prophecy sent to your email inbox, please send a tax-deductible offering of 50. Click the Logo for more information. Dial 515-604-9266 Nov 01, 2019 · Personal Prophecy 4 U Today! My Name is Steven Svec. Request prophecy. In Jesus' Name. If you were to buy a bible, it cost something, because it takes time to put all the work together to make a bible and they can't afford to give it to you for free. can email me directly at Dan@stfonline. These are intended to spur him on to “wage the good warfare”. App Download the FREE Prophecy Watchers mobile app and get early access to our programs on your iPhone, iPad, or Tablet! Your Personal Prophecy . Subscribe to our mailing list Request An Online Prophetic Word from Ignited Ministries with Bob and Kathy Campbell Ignited Ministries is devoted Igniting a passion for revival in the hearts of God's people everywhere and to the truth that God, Jesus, is alive and speaks if you have an ear to hear His Spirit. Please allow at least two working days for a personal response. org. 8 Specific Prophecy Options 4 U. It can also be an effective evangelism tool, when used rightly. The second thing a written prophetic word does is allows you to examine its contents line by line. Obey both the Rhema and the Logos Word of God. or all the number on our site. Jan 18, 2016 · Personal-prophecy-today is sharing info about personal prophecy which is a valid and powerful feature of new testament Christianity. Enter Here *All fields required: Missing Information voids your request for a free prophecy SELECT Mobile Home SELECT January February March April May June July August September October November December Personal Prophectic Minsitry fresh insight into your future "Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith" Romans chapter 12 verse 6 Your Personal Prophecy is provided in return for and appreciation for your donation for $35 or more. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of divine will concerning the prophet's social world and events to come (compare divine knowledge). In this regard, it is vital that the distinction between personal prophecy and other types of prophecy be understood. I will deliver a message from God to you. Get Your Personal Prophecy Thank you for signing up for your Personal Prophecy! You will receive an email with your Free Prophecy within 48 hours. Your Prophecy is conditional. Mar 29, 2015 · Having your personal prophecy written out is hugely important, and of course, valuable. May 01, 2012 · Personal Prophecy Is Fulfilled By Appropriate Responses. When I see this sort of stuff, it grieves me for two reasons. edu. Your concern will be prayed over by TheSecondAdam. I will Pray accordingly before The Lord on whatever that Question may be in Regards to your life or The lives of Others. This understanding and practice of the gift of prophecy is completely unbiblical. The role of a New Testament prophet is to revive, encourage, comfort, confirm, warn, activate and to help build up the Body of Christ. Prophecies Request a Personal Prophecy. A Free Written Prophecy by Master Prophet Bishop Jordan, will help you walk through your time of rejections. *Biblical reasons for donations for personal prophecy #2 *Also, please indicate in an email to me whether the donation is for a personal prophecy or just a  Email spam, also referred to as junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email Spam is also a medium for fraudsters to scam users into entering personal . When you reject the pressure,  Email Updates. In addition, its effect on an individual depends greatly on how they acknowledge a prophetic word because personal prophecy can both elevate or destroy a person’s life. Each request is personally prayed over and the Holy Spirit is sought on your behalf. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Apr 08, 2013 · How to Weigh Personal Prophecy. Nov 18, 2019 · In fact, there are prophetic hotlines as “Christian” alternatives to psychic hotlines. Request: Personal Prophecy, Prayer or Teaching Materials We desire to serve the body of Christ in the earth with personal prophecy , prayer and present truth articles on a freewill offering basis . Tag all your friends Connect with @NeilVermillion by email. Post a reply on your OWN TOPIC. “Prophets and Personal Prophecy is not an abstract theological  Receive A Personal Prophetic Message by E-Mail Now. What is personal prophecy? How do you use it to serve others? A must-read for anybody who has heard---or thought they heard---from God, Hamon's practical guide helps you restore this vital ministry to the church. Contact If there's any query or to write to us, please write to the email address above or you may want to fill up the contact form here . com team, and you will be personally e-mailed back your personal prophetic word of direction within 3 to 7 days, many times within 48 hours. Personal Prophecy by Email. All the reader has to do is read the manual! "The supernatural 'word of the Lord' is a powerful life-changing message from God Himself that must be properly understood, evaluated, and applied or acted upon. I'm not going to point the finger and blame Elijah List for all of my personal troubles; a man will stand  Oct 27, 2019 A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief or expectation that an individual holds about a future event that manifests because the individual holds it  Jul 7, 2012 In 1 Tim 1:18 Timothy is reminded of some prophecies made about him. You must seek the face of God concerning the instructions on bringing your prophecy to pass. In fact  Receive a FREE personal prophetic word on MP3 that you can play in your home , Receive a FREE personal video email prophecy from Bishop Womack-El,  Global unsubscribes happen when a recipient indicates that they would like to opt out from any email that you send by clicking on the Unsubscribe From All  I have witnesses both personally and second hand via hundreds of emails that " prophecies", in the form of divination (having more in common with fortune  Mari Anne's session would include prophetic wisdom, words of knowledge and Mari Anne will personally e-mail back your personal prophetic message within  Personal prophetic ministry is an opportunity to be edified, encouraged and ins ” are taken on the ministry night and sign ups are not taken by phone or email. Join the Mon. You will receive your personal word recorded as an MP3 audio file which will be emailed to you as an attachment. Comforting, Encouraging, and Edifying Through God's Voice. For those who still have no Personal prophecy, often concerns your personal life. Spiritual Gifts Seminar. But, as with any of the gifts of the Spirit, it must be cherished and guarded carefully. ""Prophets and Personal Prophecy" is not an  Ten years ago I started a prophetic website where I would give people a personal prophecy via email and four years ago I started a Facebook group called  There are no fees or obligations to Prophetic Light for a personal prophecy. PERSONAL PROPHETIC MINISTRY. Skype Webcam Join the Spiritual Gifts group on click here now to receive your free word of prophecy Debt Free free free bible promises free christmas ball free credit check free download books free loans FREE PERSONAL WORD OF PROPHECY free prophetic word free teaching free word of prophecy prophets of god word of prophecy 2013-08-08 You will receive by mail the words that we've received for you. Aug 8, 2013 To receive your personal prophetic word From the Man of God, me Bishop Climate, please please email me at prayer@bishopclimate. From the Back Cover. He is asking you to give up your earthly sins and attachments for his healing and his kingdom. May 30, 2017 Working for a Prophetic Hub of Deception in what was (arguably) the most popular prophetic email ministry of the time. Personally Identifiable Information: This can be your first and last name, your  Feb 16, 2016 Quick Tip: Send the email to your personal email account and read the subject line and email as So it can be a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. To request a prophetic word for yourself or a loved one fill out the form below. A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a god. By clicking SUBMIT, you agree to receive e-mail (or other) communication from Father’s Heart Ministry. Your Personal Prophecy. Jun 13, 2018 click the link so they'll receive their own personal prophecy from the Lord. One of my first challenges as an elder and pastor over this group was to figure out what to do with a personal prophecy given in one of our meetings. Sadly, over time, people have sought direction through psychics, mediums and new age. We now offer personal prophetic ministry, a personal anointed prophetic counseling session, specifically for you, by e-mail. The prophetic word should confirm what you feel in your heart. You will treasure it for life. The prophetic will be for at least 10 minutes and extensive prayer will go into the preparation of your word from the Holy Spirit. I will send a personal voice recording via email. The reason for this is that I don’t want to see you through your eyes, I want to see you through God’s eyes and then go from there. The way you tell if personal prophecies are real is through a process called confirmation. Climate is a highly esteemed Man of God that operates under an apostolic & prophetic anointing and provide free personal prophecy. Please allow up to 2 weeks (excluding holidays & vacation time) to receive your word via email. 5:19-21  Prophet Manasseh is a World renowned spiritual leader who through his Personal Prophetic words have impacted millions. But everyone who prophecies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. When you reject the pressure, you abort our ability to form as the diamond. Her life is a testimony of God’s unfailing love, mercy and hope. O. What you learn now will propel you in the next season of your life. com/prophecy Free Personal Prophecy, prophetic word, prophetic ministry, personal prophetic word by phone consultation. or all  When joining the Prophetic List, you will receive a personal free prophecy about your life in an email. click here now to receive your free word of prophecy bishop climate bishop climate irungu Debt Free deliverance deliverance service divine Guidance favour free bible promises free bibles free christmas ball free download books FREE PERSONAL WORD OF PROPHECY free teaching free word of prophecy freedom healing human-rights miracle pack miracles Sep 30, 2009 · Free Prophetic Words from Doug Addison. When you go to a prophet and he delivers a timely and relevant personal prophecy. thru Fri 12 Noon EST Power of Prophecy Call . "Spammers defy Bill Gates's death-of-spam prophecy" (Press release). Some of our prophet's who will prophesy to you are some of the most gifted prophet's in the world. This is always healing and for your highest good, but you must prepare your heart. Jun 1, 2006 Perhaps the most insidious form of bias is a self-fulfilling prophecy because it taps the same person who has personal contact with the participants during the research. As the Master P rophet, I come to tell you, DO NOT lose faith. Prophecy is the mind of God concerning situations, people, churches, and nations. Personal prophecy can easily be used to manipulate others, bring false direction, or may be unwisely or hastily applied. Fulfillment of personal prophecy is dependent upon the recipient’s response to the prophecy. In Ephesians 4:11 we are specifically told that prophets, as well as apostles, pastors, teachers, and evangelists are given to the Church to help build and establish it. Dr. Our prophetic team will go to the Father in your behalf and send our response to the e-mail you provide. Purpose of Prophecy:1 Cor. , Archbishop E. Firestorm is a Prophetic Ministry seeking to train, equip and activate the Body of classes, prophetic articles, e-mail (fsmi) teachings and our Website archives, you in the Kingdom and freely share personal prophetic ministry and fellowship. PERSONAL PROPHECY. You, your family, and friends are very welcome to attend our church events. There are scores of Biblical illustrations of how personal prophecy has been used by God to bring great blessing to His people. Remember to test everything that is said. We must choose to persevere and not despise our prophecies by staying thankful. Having the name of a prophet who has ministered personal prophecy for people for a number of years is a very precious thing Request Prophecy. Just Email the 1 Question on your Request when donating. Personal prophecy, as Paul mentions here, is for the upbuilding and encouragement of individual Christians, and of the Church at large. It is His desire to speak into our lives with the truth and that is why He set up the gifts of Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists (Ephes’ 4:11) , so that they can help build and establish the Church (body of believers). It is time to give and trust God to open the flood gates of heaven. org for any questions about prophecy. Sep 19, 2014 · Personal prophecy is mean’t to encourage and establish the Lord’s word in our lives. May 01, 2012 · Personal Prophecy Is Always Conditional—Fulfillment Is Determined By the Recipient, Not the Prophet, Or Even God. Need a Word From God is devoted to the truth that God, Jesus, is alive and speaks if you have an ear to hear the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14:3. Get the answer now 973 Personal Prophecy. One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who . Prophet Michael will personally pray for you and seek an ontime word of God for your life. Come Alive With Jesus Ministry. This is not tax deductible because it is considered a service by tax law. tongues, but even more that you would prophesy. Discover the nature of the gift, how to apply it to life decisions, and more. I have been called a Seer, Mystic, Prophet, but most of all I am a Born-again Spirit Filled Servant of Christ Jesus. With the cost of starting a ministry being out of reach for so many, PMT (Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle) is driven by the Holy Spirit to help all who are called be given a place to minister in the gifts and calling of God. You will also receive daily emails as well. 14:3 . There are no fees or obligations to Prophetic Light for a personal prophecy. What’s important for a personal prophecy session is that you don’t give or forward me any information other than your name. And then as I began to share what I’m hearing from the Lord for you, Jan 01, 2017 · A decrease has been made due to currency exchange rates. Maybe someone has paused whilst praying for you and given you a word from God, or written an encouraging Bible verse on a card that spoke of great things to come in your life. If You would like to receive these FREE Prophetic Words via Email then fill in the Form and click submit. (As a ministry gift given by the Holy Spirit, prophecy brings revelation, discernment, understanding, direction and wisdom. (I Corinthians 14:5a). personal prophecy email