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to their cookware around 1895. If you enjoy the forum please consider supporting it by signing up for a NES Membership The benefits pay for the membership many times over. To prevent rust and extend the life of a cast iron skillet, it's best not to use soap to clean it. This year’s event marks the 26th year that the association has held a convention, and the fourth year that Linda and I […] Shop for Cast Iron Cookware in Pots & Pans. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back. stainless steel: diced vegetables in a stainless steel saute pan Cast iron is good for low, slow  31 Oct 2016 What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Steel. While things are not always as Dating Wagner Cast Iron Skillet black and white as we would like them to be Dating Wagner Cast Iron Skillet we will do our best to break the scene down for you. Learn how to clean and care for my favorite piece of cookware. is cast iron, and an early Griswold or Wagner item can bring hundreds of  Most if not all of the cast iron you'll find available new is made by Lodge. You may have some idea if your Wagner piece was passed down from relatives so that’s a great start. If you're interested, name us on the toll-free number given beneath and our gross sales individual will come to your own home and give an illustration. 25” Lid 4. W Nov 20, 2016 - Explore jerrymartinez13's board "WAGNER CAST IRON COLLECTIBLES" on Pinterest. Antique cast iron was thinner than todays form factor. Buy products such as Lodge Pre-Seasoned 12 Inch. Cast Iron, Cookware, Kitchenware, Kitchen & Home, Collectibles. You've done it: you purchased a cast-iron skillet. RELATED: Mary and Vincent Price's incredible recipe book. Shop with confidence. . Some of the unmarked pans you may come across in your cast iron travels were made by Griswold, Lodge, Birmingham Stove & Range (“BSR”), Vollrath, Wagner, Favorite Stove & Range, and Chicago Hardware Foundry. These legendary craftsman are proud recipients of more Gold Medals and International Awards than any other cookware manufacturer in the world. 2 Wash and dry the new skillet. It made products for  Check out our wagner cast iron selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade Unmarked Wagner Ware 8 Skillet Refinished to New Condition. On the outside of the skillet, the paint may be a bright color; on the inside of the skillet, it is often black. You can cook up to 22 pounds of meat in the largest Wagner cast iron Dutch oven. Cast iron vs. I love their handles. USPS sets shipping prices and we always send cheapest unless requested otherwise . Their skillets were durable and second-hand cookware is still available from many websites. They are the most usable handles of any cast iron skillet I've found. Feb 04, 2015 · Griswold, Wagner and many, many other brands and manufacturers exist for collectors to hunt and debate over which was best. Jan 20, 2019 · Identification of unmarked cast iron skillet. Griswold and Wagner are the premier names in cast iron cookware, and their pieces are the most sought after by collectors. Wagner Cast Iron specialized in various products which includes: Pans, Dutch Ovens, Kettles, Melting Pots, Griddle, e. Crumbling a hunk of the cornbread into a glass of cold milk It ain't happening. As at 2014, Wagner Cast Iron are no longer in production, they are considered a highly collectible antique, so price varies with age and the condition of the item. What is the difference between Steel & Cast Iron? Cast iron. And I was right. Vintage cast iron dutch oven with cast iron lid sealed in original box. The Wagner part is slightly in an arc. Jul 19, 2019 · Like many cast-iron cookware enthusiasts, Welch prefers the iron of yesteryear, skillets bearing long-gone names such as Griswold and Wagner. 3 mg. Can be easily cleaned, it’s flat and in fantastic condition. Some people keep cast iron cookware of their grandparents and display them as a showpiece in their homes. Wagner Salvage Specializing in Cast Iron Radiators - 2251 Fraley St Back loading docks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19137 - Rated 5 based on 14 Reviews Jump to Sections of this page Nov 14, 2009 · The Griswold & Wagner Cast Iron Cookbook 2009 Skyhorse Publishing I first heard of Joanna Pruess' new book, The Griswold and Wagner Cast Iron Cookbook, about two weeks ago. Its usefulness pearlite and graphite structure, improves toughness, and evens out hardness differences between section thicknesses. This is the reason why the new stuff is rough, it cannot be polished like real cast iron after it was fired and cooled. Wagner Ware Sidney O Cast Iron Junior Krusty Korn Kobs Corn Bread Mold 1319 Vtg Review Who is the Wagner Ware Sidney O Cast Iron Junior Krusty Korn Kobs Corn Bread Mold 1319 Vtg for? How does the Wagner Ware Sidney O Cast Iron Junior Krusty Korn Kobs Corn Bread Mold 1319 Vtg work? Find great deals on eBay for cast iron skillet and vintage cast iron skillet. April 23rd, 2011, 8:00 AM: I recently acquired three cast iron skillets in need of restoration. He has  The Pan Handler LLC sells the finest in vintage and antique collectible cast iron cookware. Your heirloom WagnerWare is no different. Comprehensive assortment of Wagner Cast Iron Lid and similar items. 7 out of 5 stars 260 $39. During a process, impurities or slag is removed from iron, and it is turned  The most notable difference between steel and cast iron is the carbon content. They appear to offer both a plain finish and a polished finish. 95 $ 69 . F. age of your vintage cast iron cookware. The logo is near the top on the bottom of the piece of cookware. There is this perpetuated myth that these bumps in new CI decrease the non-stick. Wagner Salvage Specializing in Cast Iron Radiators - 2251 Fraley St Back loading docks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19137 - Rated 5 based on 14 Reviews Feb 17, 2009 · Curious if anyone has picked up any of the "new" Wagner cast iron (available from American Culinery). The pans are heavier and I have to imagine iron casting has improved (metal smelting/casting for a very long time has been a black-art). Despite the pretty picture of Lady Liberty on the home page, my spidey senses tingle a little. The Wagner Manufacturing Company was a family-owned manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum products based in Sidney, Ohio, US. Buy products related to cast iron cleaning products and see what customers say about cast iron cleaning products on Amazon. I see a Wagner in one thrift store and a Griswold in another thrift store. Filley. Cast iron is extremely durable, and often pieces are passed down from generation to generation. The hallmark of any country kitchen is an old black cast iron skillet sitting atop the woodstove. I saw a new one listed as max cooking temp: 400 degrees. Browse wagner cast iron lid available for purchasing here online. to 7. December 14, 2019. Cast iron is a ferrous alloy that has been heated until liquid, and then  If you take good care of your cast iron, it will take good care of you for years and years to come. the 3 new skillets are: wagner 1891 and wagner original skillet 1) on the bottom it's stamped- wagner's 1891 original cast iron cookware (it gives the seasoning instructions / b / 6 1/2 inch skillet / made in usa 2) wagner (sidney, ohio, usa) , 8 in. The bottom line is that if the tea pot says “1891 Original” then, against logic, the cast iron piece is probably only about 20 years old. Wagner in 1881 for The Wagner Mfg. Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in 1953, and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in 1957. 1915 - 1934 - New Font, Wagner Ware, triangle AGNER ARE SIDNEY -O- The logo has the same stylish “W” that is shared. For comparison, see our best cast iron skillets guide to explore other brands and options. This workhorse skillet is as good at browning food as it is indestructible, and we have a whole stack of them on hand for daily use. They're inexpensive, useful, and nobody collects them so you don't have to worry about frying eggs in a priceless museum piece. If you’d rather start fresh with a new cast iron pan or dutch oven, there are still plenty of brands that make high-quality cast iron cookware. Cast iron has a carbon content greater than 2%, while steel has a carbon content   What's the difference between cast iron and cast steel? May 17, 2017. Identify the city of manufacture, logo and writing style and compare to your identification guide. Pieces from this company are worth less, but still work well for everyday cooking. of iron. I love the Wagner 1891 pans. But don’t let low prices imply low performance — Lodge skillets are still heavy, heat-insulating cast iron, and they can certainly cook side-by-side with skillets ten and twenty times their cost. Mar 02, 2014 · Antique vendors (and especially eBay vendors) tend to price antique cast iron in two categories: overpriced "hot" names (especially Griswold and Wagner), and unknown "unmarked" cast iron pans that I love the Wagner 1891 pans. 1% similar) Vintage wagner ware sydney cast iron skillet 9 inch 1056v. It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum. Pan is referred to an "ugly hammered" piece by some in the cast iron community. The third is a 12-inch skillet given as a gift (wow!); while it's a sturdy pan, there are some rust marks on there that need to be removed. The Wagner Manufacturing company began making cookware in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio. New Cast Iron Brands. The company was quite active in between 1891 to 1952. Vintage Pink And White Standard Size Restored Cast Iron Claw Foot Bath Tub For Sale Online. Magnalite, Wagner Ware, National, Long Life, Wardway and Ward's Cast Iron The Wagner Manufacturing Company was a family-owned manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum products based in Sidney, Ohio , US. Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle at Walmart and save. Cast iron is a must have for all southern cooks, but you probably already knew that. While there is no large difference when it comes to tensile strength, ductile iron has the as impact resistance depends on the degree of ferritization in the  20 Sep 2019 Find out how to clean cast iron – and enjoy this durable material for years more to come. 7 mg. ehow. I already had a set that I have been using for forty years or more. This is the closest living relative to vintage cast iron: light enough for everyday cooking, with a smooth, naturally non-stick cooking surface. 2) keep it dry! Using water short term (minutes, not hours) has its uses. Grey cast iron has less tensile strength and shock resistance than steel, but its compressive strength is  5 Nov 2015 A comparison of ductile iron vs steel across a range of properties. Jun 19, 2018 · Linda and I made the trek to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the 2018 Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association (GCICA) convention in April. Vintage Pink. The tiny bumps that are on new cast iron will go away with seasoning. Oct 15, 2019 · After America's cast iron heyday in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when companies like Griswold, Wagner, and Blacklock (Lodge's name before it switched to its current one in 1910) made some of the finest cast iron cookware this nation has ever seen, the industry almost completely collapsed. TIPS TO IDENTIFY THE MANUFACTURER OF VINTAGE CAST IRON SKILLETS. Plus, the grapeseed oil pre-seasoning the skillets come with out-performed that of every other pan we tested. This builds up a nonstick coating, called the "seasoning," that keeps the skillet from rusting and creates the perfect surface for cooking everything from scrambled eggs to pancakes to cobblers. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! Search eBay faster with PicClick. However, the company was well in 1952. I got a lot of them at yard sales for a dollar or two. Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability. Wagner manufacturing company was a family owned company famous for the production of cast iron skillets and aluminum wares. The width is about 9 inches. Did you know you want a vintage cast iron skillet? Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t but after reading this post I think you will want one! I apologize in advance for tempting you with visions of the perfect new addition to your kitchen ;-). I only buy the oldies,,wagners and grisswalds and such. For 100 grams of each (about 3 oz. Wagner Ware, which has a similar name, isn’t connected to this company in any way and still manufacturers cast iron pots and pans today. So, what's the difference between cast iron and wrought iron? 8 Aug 2019 The Differences When Cooking. While new cast iron isn’t always nonstick, a well-seasoned cast-iron pan can be just as good as modern nonstick—you can even cook eggs that will slide right off. t. During the later 1970's and/or early 1980's many pieces were marked with BOTH the Wagner and Griswold trademarks (logos) on the bottom of the pans. BOOKS. , yet another proprietary blend of metals developed just for cast iron cookware. 5 inches in diameter. 5 Nov 2019 We get this question A LOT! Infact, when we are set up at an Event, we have so many people pass by saying "oh look cast iron". Cast Iron Cookware Books – The Book of Wagner and Griswold: Martin, Lodge, Vollrath, Excelsior (A Schiffer Book for Collectors) Cast iron cookware is an increasingly hot item in the antique marketplace. Wagner cast iron or Wagner Ware are some of the finest vintage cast iron cookware. Cornbread baked in the oven in a heavy, black, round, skillet with a large handle. David G. The primary emphasis is on Wagner-made iron. Antique brands to look out for include Griswold, Wagner, and Wapak. , and the spaghetti sauce jumped from 0. The newer cast iron is probably going to be better. Now learn how to clean, season , and maintain your cast-iron skillet so it will last you a lifetime. As with everything else, the pans seemed to be a total loss, but Jessi wanted Andee to have something from the house, so she dug through the pile until she found a cast iron skillet. Isn't cast iron all the same? BTW, whats the max temp you should take a cast iron skillet up to? I've made some great pizzas bringing it up to about 600F. Wagner Manufacturing started business in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio. Bars & Clubs In Nagoya Entertainment District Jul 17, 2018 - Explore deborahcalhoun's board "Cast Iron", followed by 1585 people on Pinterest. So while cast iron is cast iron there is a difference in the quality of the machine work. Scroll down to find out why people prefer vintage or antique cast iron to new cast iron admittedly I really enjoy my antique cast iron. The website is not clear whether they are still USA made. 95 $ 39 . And there's good reason The Wagner cast iron company was purchased by the Randall Corporation in 1952. Here are  27 Jan 2010 Brushed stainless steel, triple-ply stainless, enameled cast iron or enamel on cooks covet - even though some are costlier than a new range top. Dec 05, 2017 · It's possible to restore a cast iron skillet! You can do it at home, ready for regular use, with this simple cleaning DIY: https://www. Remember prices I am selling some of my collection of vintage American made cast iron hollow ware utensils. The same company also acquired the Griswold manufacturing company in 1957, and both the Wagner and Griswold lines of cast iron cookware were manufactured at Wagner's foundry in Sidney, Ohio from 1957 through 1999. , Sidney, Ohio, USA, America's first and oldest premium cookware manufacturer. They’re cheap, rough to the touch and you don’t need to treat them preciously. Nov 11, 2019 · Cast iron skillets will be one of the most versatile items in your kitchen and can be used on a stovetop, on the grill, in the oven, or even over a campfire. Like many cast-iron cookware enthusiasts, Welch prefers the iron of yesteryear, skillets bearing long-gone names such as Griswold and Wagner. Our brands include Griswold, Wagner, Martin, Wapak, Favorite, and Lodge, as well as a variety of other manufacturers. You preheat your oven or grill to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 400 degrees, clean the Dutch oven and dry it thoroughly. Seasoning a new cast iron Dutch oven for the first time takes a little over an hour. The best way to estimate the age of your WagnerWare is to take a look at the logo on the bottom. 5” Griddle, 8” Skillet, 10. 1. The font changed and lettering The Pan Handler LLC sells the finest in vintage and antique collectible cast iron cookware. NEW WAGNER'S 1891 Original 5 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven w 1368 metal lid,in box USA - $79. Wagner manufacturing company was a family-owned company famous for the production of cast iron skillets and aluminum wares. 25” Dutch Oven, and 10. It is well worth the price. The larger the Wagner cast iron skillet, the deeper it is. And maybe a little lesson on how to season a Cast Iron Skillet as well! 15 Oct 2019 Cast iron cookware should be cured—or seasoned—inside and out including lids if the pan is new and has not been pre-seasoned by the  Maine, a State with so much depth, not just it's place in the rich New England FULLY RESTORED CAST IRON COOKWARE - SKILLET (WAGNER'S 1891  Cast iron cookware books and catalog reprints Compiled October, 2003, by Steve Stephens. Best Small Capacity: BergHOFF Neo 3 Quart Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven. Wagner manufacturing company was famous for the production of cast iron skillets and aluminum wares. However, the company was sold in 1952. How To: Cast Iron Skillet Non-Stick and Lasts a Lifetime cast iron cookware in a nutshell: 1) use a good cast iron skillet with a glassy-smooth cooking surface (Griswold or Wagner). 14 cast iron griddle cast iron skillet New listing Wagner How Much Is My Cast Iron Worth? has 9,251 members. Unless they  a semi-finished product or end product from cast steel required? We develop and produce Difference between cast steel and cast iron. to 5. $2,000. Jul 19, 2019 · Welch is attached to his cast iron, but he’s not cooking on anything made this century. I have tried the oven,,throw in a fire,,do this soak it in that. 95 GreaterGoods Cast Iron Skillet 10 Inch, Pre-Seasoned handmade cast iron with USDA Certified Organic Flax Seed - Smooth Non-Stick Nine Inch Cooking Surface, Heirloom Quality 4. Each piece is ready to use and a fantastic tool for cooking that will last a lifetime. Cast iron also works with any heat source, including induction, so no matter what type of range you have, this cookware is sure to work. L12. Find out how to clean cast iron and what products to use to do it efficiently. Great tools are rare—and get better with time and use. Welcome! Members here will try to help you establishing a price for your cast iron. A cast iron skillet that already meant so much to her mom. Many cast iron skillets – as well as other cast iron cookware – are enameled. By Cynthia Myers. These pans have a very rough surface in comparison to quality vintage pans. That includes old pans you inherited from your grandmother, picked up at yard sales (unless in great shape) and any other older cast iron cookware. See the manufacturer site for details. Our brands include Griswold, Wagner, Martin, Wapak, Favorite, and  This is the start of the Wagner cast iron dynasty as we are familiar with it. All pieces have been completely cleaned and lightly seasoned to give them a like-new appearance. While it's always questionable as to whether we need yet another cookbook around our house, this one seemed too good to resist. Wagner and Griswold are the leaders in the American cast-iron collectibles market. (posted on December 31st, 2014) Two Cast Spout 1056x Iron 9 6 Vintage Ware Sydney 0 Wagner Skillet (22% similar) Here is a link to our listings. Modern cast iron is thicker and much heavier than antique mold-cast iron. 95 Cookware - WAGNER WAGNER, designed by Bernard P. Learn our expert tips for cleaning & seasoning a cast-iron skillet, no matter what condition it's  10 Jul 2019 Instructions for cleaning a cast iron skillet often include a lot of don'ts: Don't use soap, don't use steel wool, don't put it in the dishwasher. In 1957, another cast iron cookware manufacturer, Wagner, bought out Griswold and closed the Erie production facility. Site for information about cast iron skillets, pans and other collectibles by Griswold, Wagner Ware, Wapak and G. Vintage Griswold Wagner Ware Cast Iron #10 Tite-Top Dutch Oven 3 Legged Chuckwagon w/Lid. While it is not a perfect science, a cast iron pan holds heat for longer than an aluminum pan and will sear your food seamlessly if used right. Co. Maybe you're For example, cast iron has a higher carbon content than wrought iron. 5 Jul 2019 While both types of iron consist of pure iron, they aren't necessarily the same. Jul 02, 2018 · Weight is a good test to determine that you have an authentic antique piece of cast iron. The history of these foundries are quite fascinating. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle. I bought the others to make two more sets,,one for each of my two boys. Wagner Ware Cast Iron 9 Chef Skillet 1386 Not only this, on the purchase of the Wagner Ware Cast Iron 9 Chef Skillet 1386 now you'll get three attachments free. Nov 01, 2013 · Wagner square Waffle Iron Casting marks include WAGNER M'F'G CO SIDNEY, OHIO PATENTED FEB 22, 1910 Has original black painted wood handles, a 3 5/8 inch high base, and a wire bail Cast iron cookware is a versatile option for almost any type of establishment because you can use it to bake, sear, fry, braise, and roast. See more ideas about Cast iron, Cast iron cookware and Cast iron cooking. Instead, use a about a tablespoon of coarse salt to scrub the pan after  How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet: Learn how to do it the easy way. A new 9-inch skillet is much harder to handle than an antique of the same size. An original cast iron manufacturer, Wagner had been in the cookware business since 1891 and was located in Sidney, Ohio. The Red book duplicates only about 5% of the Blue Book. In 1891 their cast iron foundry went into operation, and it continued producing cast-iron cookware for over a century before closing in 1999. As a matter of fact, the big winners in the foods tested were these two items. All new photos and information but with a lot of errors. See more ideas about Wagner cast iron, Cast iron and Iron. 99. 35 mg. Although early cookware was simply stamped Wagner, later Wagner included Sidney O. Dec 18, 2014 · Even Lodge and repo wagner etc is made of cast aluminum ( they call it cast iron which is a misconception ), thats why no matter how much it is used it never blackens. Griddles - Wagner made round and rectangular flat griddles. However if your new to cast iron cooking you may want to find out why people use and prefcast iron cookware. Internet only auction from Dec 10 to Dec 19 Incredible single owner collection of cast iron. After casting, its inner surfaces were smoothed down, unlike todays. 6 mg. In 1991 a new line of Wagner pieces marked "Wagner's 1891 Original" was put into production to celebrate Wagner's 100th anniversary. Dec 08, 2016 · Wagner Cast Iron Product, Price and Customer Reviews Products. It was The Cast Iron Skillet. So, in the 1990s the company that owned the Wagner name started to make “The Wagner’s 1891 Original Cast Iron” series in commemoration of the original cast iron company. It made products for domestic use such as frying pans, casseroles, kettles and baking trays, and also made metal products other than cookware. Cast iron cookware is a staple in the arsenal of any good home chef, and Lehman's has the best. Wagner Ware. There are two sections about Wagner and Griswold cast iron pieces, and smaller sections on vintage Martin, Lodge, Vollrath and Excelsior/G. This 3-quart Dutch oven is great for side dishes or small servings of soup, chili, stew and more, and it’s lighter and easier to move than larger pots that weigh more. Field Company’s cast iron is lighter, smoother and simpler than that of many new brands. Its production quality surpassed that of Griswold and gained international fame. ), the applesauce increased in iron content from 0. c. Smith, well known as the “PanMan”, who resides in the western region of New York State, is both a collector and dealer of Cast Iron Cookware. You can find Wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers. The Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet, 12" is still a test kitchen favorite. Lodge’s pans are the first a would-be cast iron nut gets into. Feb 09, 2012 · I have one of each. We included products and ingredients that you already have in your kitchen! 8 Sep 2019 If there was ever a cookware staple that could last well enough to be passed down generation after generation, it's cast iron skillets. com/how_7017935_c Most if not all of the cast iron you’ll find available new is made by Lodge. Pricing. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible  4 Sep 2019 Whats not to love about cast iron pans? Super versatile and they are reasonably priced, and with a little love they will last a lifetime. None of these companies make cast iron cookware anymore, but their legacies live on. The Wagner cast iron company was purchased by the Randall Corporation in 1952. In a gutsy move the Wagner Manufacturing Company introduced a new  2 Sep 2015 Iron is a hard grey metal, and heavier than any of the other elements found on Earth. 5 out of 5 stars 1,473 $69. Unknown maker. Other popular companies include Favorite, Columbus, Dixie, Excelsior, Piqua and Sidney. Skillets - Wagner cast iron skillets come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inches to 19. A pie slice is around the logo. Best Wagner Cast Iron Lid In Stock Learn the tricks and tips to cleaning and seasoning cast iron cookware. A couple minuites and the pan is brand new again. Conclusion. This means the iron is coated with an enameled paint. He calls finding the old pieces his own “modern treasure hunt,” which is good news for collectors, enthusiasts or just people interested in acquiring vintage cookware: starting this weekend, multiple Wagner Skillet Vintage Sydney 9 Iron Ware Cast 1056v 0 6 (58. This listing will be updated with new pieces as I restore them. 10. Jul 15, 2015 · Decoding Cast Iron Numbers and Lettering Image Credit: wiki commons Numbers Whether the products were skillets, waffle irons, or griddles, nearly all vintage pieces made by major foundries had one identifying marking in addition to such things as logos. Image of iron castings after production in a foundry On the surface, cast iron and cast steel   29 Nov 2016 Here's a go-to guide on how to care for cast iron. / 20 cm. 00 That sucks. A cast iron skillet that had been around for so many family breakfasts. May 11, 2018 · As was the practice in 19th and early- to mid-20th century cast iron cookware manufacturing, all of Griswold and Wagner's cast iron skillets were polished smooth after casting; this extra step made it easier for the skillets to acquire a smooth, nonstick surface after seasoning. When the cast iron has filled enough of the a person's soul with failure. Just The legacy of cast iron skillets. that cast iron becomes a "1" or "a baby's erection" There are few to none that go up to a 12 or even 14 but the specialists and other that are prone to fancy have speculated on much much older and more powerful cast iron. Two of them were purchased at antique stores in New York, and these are nearly one hundred years old. Founded in Sidney, Ohio, as the Wagner Manufacturing Company, manufactured metal castings of light hardware for general stores and tin hollowware for government contract work. Now,,,I sandblast . We have a particular emphasis on Griswold pieces. It also manages to keep its prices lower relative to some of its high-minded competition. Cooking food with cast iron brings many amazing benefits - it conserves energy (since it uses less heat and water), adds dietary iron to food and simplifies cooking by providing even heat and preventing sticking. The new cast iron with the rough cooking surface is gonna be frustrating (Lodge Logic). All Lodge pans come pre-seasoned with a soy based vegetable oil now. Griswold Dutch Oven at the New Mexico History Museum in the Cowboy Exhibit 8 Mar 2018 Both carbon steel and cast iron make for long-lasting, high-quality pans, but are there any real differences? What can you make in carbon steel  Cast iron is a group of iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content greater than 2%. I have my great-grandmother's cast iron skillet that is so crusty on the exterior of it, (that's the best word that I have seen used yet thank you thatchairlady) I don't dare put it on my brand new electric range top (you know the ones that are glass top) for fear of it totaling it, that I save that for the hot box. But I think most of them haven't seen or cooked with either a Wagner or Griswold  WAGNER, designed by Bernard P. Look under Condition description area for specifics. American Culinary Cookware - Magnalite, Wagner Ware, MagPro Where was ‘Wagner cast iron’ or ‘Wagner Ware’ made? The company was based in Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio. Both cast steel and cast  Steel & Cast Iron Scrap Metal. The logo changed over time. The Le Creuset Signature 11 3/4" Iron Handle Skillet remains our preferred enameled cast-iron skillet. A new uncoated or non-seasoned cast iron fry pan also must be cured or seasoned before you can use them―there's no way around that. He was a vendor in several antique malls and nearly everything that he sold was workin Antique 1920 Wagner Ware Sidney O Cast Iron is available on HiBid. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. Local pickup in Toledo ohio available but must be paid in CASH ONLY. Oct 07, 2019 · To season a brand new cast iron skillet, you rub it with oil and bake the oil into the surface of the cast iron. The high-gloss exterior enamel coating will look attractive for years to come, Iron and Carcinogens in Cast Iron. Wagner Sidney O Long Griddle 7: 1147; Wagner Sidney O Scotch Bowl 5; Wagner Ware Sidney O Toy Kettle, Size A; Wagner Ware Sidney O Toy Skillet Size A; Wagner Ware Sidney O Bacon Press; Wagner Ware Sidney O Greaseless: 1102; Wagner Ware Sidney O Skillet 2: 1052; Wagner Ware Sidney O Skillet 3: 1053 How to fix your cast iron pan after rust spots, burned food, scratches and more Scorched pans can happen to the most diligent of cooks, but don't panic! Most mistakes have an easy fix. 25” Skillet, 10. Puritan Waffle Iron 8, High Base; Wagner. new wagner cast iron