F150 ecoboost coolant leak passenger side

there are small puddles of green antifreeze puddled on top of the manifold and in small crevasses. Possible causes would a leaking intake gasket or a broken vacuum hose on that side. The system works with sensors that are part of the passenger seat and safety belt to detect the presence of a properly seated occupant and determine if the front passenger's frontal airbag should be enabled or not. org wants to hear from you. Engine coolant Ford F150 4. Ford 4. . Needs: glow plugs but starts right up when plugged in unless below 0, passenger rotor, fair transmition fluid leak in coolant line has never run low or dry. anyone have any insight to throw at me. Add some additional strength and reliability to your 2015-2020 Mustang with this polished Mishimoto Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank. At least one aspect of Ford's EcoBoost engine is a bust, Every time I see an ecoboost F150, they are trying to race the other trucks 2014 XLT door leak repost 7TH Generation Ford F150 side door and crew cab rear door. A. The most common area to look is on the passenger side heater selector valve which has a tendency to leak at the diaphragm shaft. A coolant leak will appear on the passenger's side floorboard indicating the heater core has failed and needs replacement. 5L Ecoboost Rattle Upon Start Up- Timing Chain Stretch Issues 2005 f150 SCab Apr 25, 2011 · Apparently this part goes by a couple names - the Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) and the Intake Manifold Tuning Valve (IMTV). Not a big leak but an annoying leak. 3 weeks later had another leak albeit smaller. The MEGA Can features the same dual-valve design as UPR's smaller dual-valve can, allowing it pull oil blow-by out of both the passenger's and driver's side heads of your 2011 to 2014 F150 EcoBoost for excellent levels of efficiency. Apr 05, 2017 · 2008 Ford Mustang - The passenger side under the dashboard recently leaked. Ford F-150 ConsumerAffairs Unaccredited Brand Side passenger mirror light stopped working $250. The Ford F-150 makes tough tasks look easy, whether you’re on the job or out on a weekend getaway. my problem is after installing the passenger side tubo had a leak around the 5l F150 Ecoboost F150 Ecoboost Forum Since 2012 F150Ecoboost. Fasten your 1/2inch hose (about 6-12 inches long) on the spigot's spout which points to the passenger side. ISSUE: Some 2016-2017 Mustang GT right hand drive vehicles equipped with a 5. From all my research on the forums I think I have a problem with the PTU seal. 1. 2018 I got a used F150 3. The High-Output 3. The side is determined when facing forward in the seat. I then had to tint it to match the passenger side. Re: Coolant smell no visible leak coolant loss My mothers 2003 3800 was leaking at the lower intake, it would sort of puddle in an area you really couldn't see. Some minimal coolant leak was observed on drivers side rear of engine, otherwise, no evidence of coolant in the oil. The coolant boils out of the radiator through a hairline crack, and runs down the outside of the radiator and splashes all over the inside of the wheel well and up in front plastic piece For a couple days I was smelling coolant occasionally with the heat on or off. 5L EcoBoost) This 2016 Ford F150 3. g. 5L EB, now 60k miles) I worked in 2 free oil changes at the dealership. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. All data and information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. This manual may qualify the location of a component as left-hand side or right-hand side. 2016 F150: Vacuum Pump Oil Leak Repair (3. His statement for the repair was that their was a failed gasket and that coolant was mixing with the oil. If you cannot isolate the leak, then I suggest you contact a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to come and diagnose where the leaking is coming from and determine exactly what needs to be repaired. Looked underneath and could see it coming from area of turbo on driver side. SYMBOLS GLOSSARY These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. I did a search and it seemed like it was very Hi guys! New to the forums. This is a small and somewhat annoying leak due to the fact it drips onto the exhaust and causes that oil burning smell and sometimes visible smoke coming from the right front side of the car. 7l or 3. Beyond that,what is worrisome is that issues are cropping up across parts of Fords lineup relating to ecoboost engines. Right-hand side B. he mentioned something about putting a hose in the top of the rad and opening a drain at the bottom. 5 Ecoboost , it had 205,138 miles on it, and it had nothing done to it, Underneath the truck it was bone dry, no leaks whatsoever. still leaks water into the cab. ) just put it on your radiator without pumping it up and start and run your engine for a 5 minutes if it builds pressure on the gauge dial quickly, say 15+ lbs. I just saw your website and I really hope you can help. If you detect oil is dripping on the starter, then this is a good indication of the problem at hand. www. Try using a radiator leak testing gauge, the type you pump up to detect a coolant leak (stant etc. An Oregon family's F-150 burst into flames in the driveway. In some cases it will even leak out the front of the throttle body and into the air filter inlet. What you have is the very same issue many Ford Escape owner's have: A leaking timing chain cover. Ford F150 Genuine Parts We Only sell Brand new 100% Genuine Auto Parts. whenever i stop i can smell the sweet smell of coolant and if i go for a long drive it will steam from the passenger side on top of the engine by the intake manifold. com Car Chat > Ford > F Series . 5L Leaking manifolds are becoming a more common issue for the 3. But, it shouldn’t touch the compressor housing. I've got a pretty nasty coolant leak coming into the cabin on the passenger side, under the glove box. See here for a step-by-step guide on how to diagnose and fix code P0430. GA8J 19A321 AA; Page 2 No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language in any form by any means without our written permission. It is coming from a black nipple about 1 1/2 inches long that sticks out of firewall above exhaust pipe. 0-l engines are affected. lately it has been losing coolant pretty quickly. anyone Ford F150 News and Forum. . elle save 90% subscribe give a gift visit the website customer service. then verify there are no leaks and that the cooling system is filled to the proper level. Learn more about the 2012 Ford F150. Still leaking after being in the shop twice for this issue. Ford F150 with the 3. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 2011 F-150s with the 3. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2013 F-150 XLT are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Last night I could smell it on my way home and when I stopped at a closed gas station to use my credit card for gas, I shut the truck off. Please don't use TTT or any other similar mechanism to draw attention to your posts, but instead use your intelligence to update existing threads with new information that you think others might want to have. w/ pics Im new to Subaru world but I noticed a coolant smell while driving my 2002 WRX so I went underneath and snapped these photos. Intake Manifold In medicine you sue for malpractice. Sep 12, 2016 · Thank you all. If you can run the engine for about 5 minutes and then turn your heater on. I noticed that it was losing coolant, but could not find a leak. Usually they will leak at the  When I bought the truck used (2013 F150 FX4 Crew, 3. 73's for 4. 2011 was first year of the Ecoboost engine in the F150. Choose top quality brands Motorcraft. After a few minutes I found the leak, on the firewall of all places! The arrow is pointing towards the front of the truck. They usually leak on the passenger side floor, and that might explain why you hear water sloshing around. However, the coolant is still the same The 2005 Ford F-150 has 62 problems reported for loud ticking/knocking noise from motor. Buy a 2012 Ford F150 Engine Coolant Pipe O-Ring at discount prices. #4: Rough Engine Idling Welcome to the Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans. view full answer From sizzling fashion to ironclad protection, we've got everything you need to keep your monster looking and feeling its best at all times. 2009 Ford F150 Fuse Diagram 2009 Ford F150 Fuse Diagram Ford F150 Fuse Diagram for Battery Junction Box and Smart Junction Box Fuse Diagram. Used 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium Blue Near Midlothian IL at Bill Kay Ford - Call us now at 708-377-5313 for more information about this 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium - Stock #198064A 2013-2014 Ford F150 3. 5 turbo. May 30, 2014 — 10:55pm In your case I'd be suspicious of an external coolant leak that collects on some part of the exhaust system and Now that you know the signs of a blown head gasket you can catch it quickly before you do permanent damage to your engine. Left-hand side Protecting the Environment You must play your part in protecting the environment. The JLT V3. Safety alert See Owner's Manual ( Air conditioning system Anti-lock braking system Avoid smoking, flames or sparks Battery * Based on 2011 EPA mileage estimates. He was one of the early folks to purchase one and it seems the early builds are having head gasket/coolant leak issues. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. Like any automobile or truck, the Ford F-150 encounters common mechanical problems an owner with basic information can detect, fix, or seek expert help if it's complex. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2011 F-150 XLT are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. It never is out of coolant and never over heats. Sep 14, 2017 · Ecoboost driver turbo coolant leak - DIY? Welcome to TheMalibuCrew! As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account . 6L, 5. Yes if Ford changes their line up to all Ecoboost engines then they'll be using 5W30 oil. and more. Feb 19, 2012 · Leaks coolant under van down the frame rail on passenger side even on the outside of the passenger front door The door is getting spray from the leak coming from the engine compartment. view full answer Coolant Leak - Radiator Front Drivers Side Went out the past couple mornings and found small quarter size puddle of coolant under the front drivers side of the vehicle. When I got the truck I noticed it was leaking coolant, but I didnt bother to start looking till now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk A/C has felt weak and I was horrified to feel the main symptom warm air on the drivers side and cool air on the passenger side. component as left-hand side or right-hand side. These facilities house over 75,000 products for 1964-2020 Ford Mustangs, Ford EcoBoost along with Truck and Off-Road vehicles. 208. Is it true we might be able to fix by replacing coolant line? Or am I looking at a whole new left side turbo? Mechanic's Assistant: How old are the hoses? And have you tested the actual mix of your coolant? I bought new in Dec 2014. The passenger side floorboard is damp but not 2 gal damp. It blows out gray or white smoke when I hit the gas not sure if I’m at a standstill. Find 2014 Ford Escape recalls information, reported by the NHTSA, and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can get your car fixed. I have heard about the heater core, and I do have a wet spot under the passenger side floor mat. Where is coolant present that I would have disturbed. Simply search "2013 Ford f150 coolant leak" and the t connector problem is at the top of the search results. I am finding other drivers who have experienced catastrophic engine failure due to water pump leak/fail on Ford products due to the design of this engine. Use for comparison purposes only. Did not replace hydraulic engine mount on passenger's side, noise persists. The level in the tank goes down about an inch, then I add it. 6 ecoboost motors www. Originally Posted by mewesguitars. View Full Version Ford F150 3. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This core is constructed much like a small radiator and in fact looks like a mini version of the radiator located inside of the HVAC system located in the car on the passengers side. one of my friends is gonna help. Ford rotunda otc tool 303 1638 f 150 35l engine block heater socket see more like this nos 1988 1991 ford f150 f250 f350 bronco 302 351w 460 engine block heater wire brand new. If it has the cord it will be behind the passenger side tow hook. I was kind Next we have to protect the coolant lines. Add the mixture to the coolant reservoir, when the engine is cool, until the appropriate fill level is obtained. gov will give you the information your looking for. The lines are then covered in orange “firesleeve” for additional heat resistance. Well the time finally cal were I have to replace a turbo on one of these ecoboost trucks. Diagrams of a 2001 Ford F150 AC system can be purchased at any auto parts store. With the right price on trustworthy brands like Duralast, Energy Suspension, and Rodatech, AutoZone has the parts you need to do the job right. 5s unfortunately. Found that the driver side turbo is jacked causing the passenger side to over spin and make noise. We here at Stage 3 carry both single-exit and dual-exit cat-back kits for your truck, all of them from some of the biggest and best names in the performance exhaust industry. They said water pump. suffer from ill-assembled head gaskets, and oil is liable to leak from the passenger side. 5l gtdi (ecoboost) engine may exhibit an oil leak from the turbocharger oil feed line at the banjo bolt connection or the seal on the oil return lines. Features new BT stereo, auto start and few other things. 3L 1999-2003 There are several possible indications of a blown head gasket: If the head gasket is blown between adjacent cylinders there will be poor or no compression in either cylinder. coolant you will have engine If you have a slow cooling system leak that comes and goes, you may have a pinhole freeze plug leak. Nov 08, 2010 · Sometimes even a compression test won't tell you anything unless the engine is expanded to operating temp. The heater fan blows air through the heater core and into the passenger compartment of your car. Sorry if I’m wasting your time. To start to determine if you’ve got a timing cover gasket leak, you’ve got to figure out if that is even possible on the motor in your car. 5 EcoBoost had an oil leak on the passenger side of the engine. cardiagnostics. Two years before the repair I used one stop leak pellet from Ford in the coolant which stopped the leak for two years with no problems with the heater core or the radiator. A crack in the coolant reservoir could cause a slow leak of coolant and could also cause your car to overheat. 5L 27235 Aug 05, 2015 · #3: Head Gasket Oil Leak. I have a 1969 Chevy Impala. It is near the evaporator housing. pipe had way more water on it Taking it to the dealer to find coolant leak, should I (passenger side/the front of engine). First time the fitting was replaced. Found coolant on driveway. 200 miles in, turbocharger (I think the passenger side) begin making intermittent squeal . I has been over one year and no oil or coolant leaks. There had been a leak earlier in the engine, in one of the bigger hoses that comes from the firewall, but I put some stopleak into the radiator and topped off the system and that seemed to work. Mark helpful. side. 73's with a dual exhaust and 'cosmetics' and call it a 'Muscle Car'. Average repair cost is $4,390 at 79,850 miles. I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. You can literally feel a BIG difference just moving your hand between the vents. Get Discounts & Coupons. (Page 1 of 4) 2016 FORD F-150 Recalls (9) ocs (front passenger) with a 2. 5L 15-20 EcoBoost 2000-2004 2003 FORD F150 High Performance. Head gasket leak repair might cost you around $300 – $400. First remove the OEM coolant hose spacers (we have no idea why they are used at all) then extend the passenger side’s 3/4″ / 19mm silicone hose with barb fittings to extend the lines along the fender. after smelling coolant when truck warmed up, I opened the hood and saw a leak from the firewall on passenger side. Find Your Owner Manuals. Jan 09, 2013 · If you are losing coolant, a pressure test should be performed which will indicate where the leak is coming from. 2L V6 Engine with P0171/P0174 OBD-II codes. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here represent the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of www. Typically they leak on the cylinders closest to the turbos due to the fact that there is one less stud on that end. Maybe some of you saw my post asking @markboris about his RS. I have a 1991 Ford F150 XLT Lariat. For the new model Using starter fluid is the oldest trick in the book for finding a vacuum leak. Place your drain pan under the passenger side front wheel well. Sep 10, 2014 · I have a 2003 Taurus with 3. Motorcraft KM5081 Heater Hose Assembly compatible with Ford F150 5. Find 2011 Ford F150 Xtr in Cars & Trucks | Find new, used and salvaged cars & trucks for sale locally in Ontario : Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Nissan and it is all about driving your dreams. 5 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. The path the coolant took trough a series of obstacles and engine shields caused this. If it is a green liquid, its your anti-freeze, and if it is coming from the front, it is leaking out of the top corner of the radiator on the passenger side. Now includes pictorial instructions on exchanging the transmission fluid in a 4R70W automatic transmission. 0 / EcoBoost Reservoir, Black (drain valve is on the lower passenger side) and remove your Home / Questions / Ford / F-150 / I have what seems to be an oil leak and oil is all over the bottom from the bottom of timing belt ho I have what seems to be an oil leak and A part is a part - a "minor" part that is flawed in design can cause just as much of a problem as a "major" part. typically in the front on the passenger side. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. July 14, 2019. Also the interior lights do not work with the doors open or on the dash switch. In 2005, with only 89000 miles on the vehicle I started it up one afternoon when I was on my way home from work and it was running rough. It never leaked under pressure until I drove it to my shop tuesday. EITHER SCENARIO MAY RESULT IN A FUEL LEAK PRESENTING A FIRE  Jun 25, 2018 Common Issues With Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks . It has a slow coolant leak that I can't find. JLT V3. A. Oct 19, 2018 · Bank 1 is the side of the engine with the number one cylinder. coolant leak 2 Answers. It sort of defeats the purpose of the lights switch in your truck, for the most part. Apr 22, 2012 · My 2011 Ecoboost just hit 22k miles and about 3 weeks ago I noticed a small leak under the engine on the passenger side. If the part design has been tweaked, and the part number is changed, then there's a reason for the change, which is typically to improve functionality (ie, an oil pan that doesn't leak). be. BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer is an easy to use product designed for small head gasket leaks. It's seams to be leaking at the rear outer coner, between the head and engine block itself. 73 gears in the rear end. Discuss performance mods, towing questions, wheels, tires, lift kits, and much more! Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 2013 F-150s with the 3. 2017 FORD FUSION Recalls (3) exhibit a leaking passenger side power transfer unit a 2. Replace that weak plastic eye sore that came on your S550, which is known to fail in high temperature situations, with this TIG-welded aluminum beauty. If you notice a small leak it is also possible to fix it without ever removing your head gasket. The development of a head gasket leak is not common in the Ford car. The easiest way to find the leak is to use a pressure testing device. Passenger Side Turbocharger Removal RH NOTICE: Whenever turbocharger air intake system components are removed, always cover open ports to protect from 2014 F-150 Ecoboost Coolant Leak discussion on the TexAgs Automotive forum. Read the review and see photos at Car and Driver. Valve Cover Gasket Passenger Side (2011-2012)- (Common to Leak)- I used your videos to perform a full timing rebuild on my 201 F150 3. HPOP to Oil Rail, Right (Passenger) Side. You might discover oil dripping on the starter. 8L and 5. Called Ford and they said it would be $130 just to even look at it. Recently I have had to was not the coolant. I had to put about 2 gal in the system. This is one of the first step Detroit did when producing muscle cars. 0 Passenger Side for 2011-2017 Ford F-150, 2017-2019 Raptor 3. The GTDI turbos are cooled by engine oil, coolant and air. New OEM Ford 13-16 3. 5 Ecoboost with 71,000 miles on it for roughly 23,000. 7 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. Replaced passenger side hydraulic engine mount with aftermarket part. With-in a couple months the motor blew - rod out the case, piston and head damage etc. Antifreeze leak 3 Answers. While pumping I saw steam coming from under the hood on the passenger side by the windshield. 5L FULL BORE PERFORMANCE MANIFOLD SET (PART #500101X) 12 CR PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING INC. When under the truck looking up, you generally see the coolant running out the drain on the bottom of the pump housing, or coolant leaking directly out of the shaft seal. You currently do not have any widgets inside Off-Canvas sidebar. Protect your engine and stop excessive engine vibration and noises from under your hood with a new motor mount from AutoZone. It was running great for a week and then it overheated. The recall is expected to begin February 8, 2016. out the drain line, located passenger side, near the firewall, under the car. The best solution is to replace the head gasket or repair the leak. 7L 3. Correct vehicle usage and the authorized disposal of waste, cleaning Learn all about your Ford vehicle on the Official Ford Owner Site! Schedule Service. 5L V6 EcoBoost® engine with off-road FOX Racing Shox™ and Terrain Management System™ puts 2020 Ford® F-150 Raptor is in a class of its own. 2019-11-15 FORD F150 ECOBOOST 3. Replaced lower torque mount and driver's side transmission mount. I will be using the former as it seems to be more descriptive of its function. 5L EcoBoost 4x4 with 45,250 miles. The EcoBoost engine uses the same 5W-20 engine oil as most Ford gasoline engines. The Ford F-150 features a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame, providing the foundation for available best-in-class* payload and up to 13,200 lbs. I have a friend that bought a used 2012 Ecoboost F150 in 2016. be makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article or respondents comments and will not be Ford F150 Shelby Enhanced 4x4 MY18 Coyote V8 with 10 Speed Auto, Sync 3 Stereo with bluetooth and reverse camera, electric front seats, remote control hard cover, cruise control, tow bar with electric trailer brakes, side steps, custom flares, suspension upgrade, 35x12 wheel and tyre upgrade, exhaust upgrade, raptor enhanced, tailgate rear step I parked the truck and after 2 days had a pond of coolant in my driveway. Do not compare to models before 2008. The light has not come on again since I am adding coolant, but it is obviously leaking somewhere. I have a 2014 f150 supercrew 3. hey guys i have a 2001 f150 xlt with the 5. F150 Ecoboost Maintenance Have questions about general F150 EB Maintenance? Discuss everything from changing your oil to r Automotive Forums . I topped it off and I check it every day now. 40 F150 (TF6) Supplementary Restraints System High-series vehicles (if equipped) E162720 The front passenger sensing system uses a Duramax ticking noise idle F150 2000 4 2 Coolant Sensor; F150 2000 4 6 Engine Diagram; F150 2001 Ac Panel; F150 2001 Wiper Motor Relay Location; F150 2002 5 4l Engine Diagram; F150 2002 Evap System Diagram; F150 2003 Vacuum Hose Diagram; F150 2006 Fuse Stop; F150 2011 Backup Camera Wiring Diagram; F150 3rd Brake Light Wiring; F150 3rd Brake Light Wiring 2018 Josh neumann: many people choose to build a competitive price on the side of the players Around £500, and can cost you The payment of your vehicle Practice that do not do their best price for a modeling team Constructed with two quotes and mode of transport Huge savings at the organization select auto insurance quotes Also interested in Jul 25, 2017 Doesn't seem to be leaking when sitting there with the engine off. I'm not losing coolant but mine was a tad low on my Ecoboost Transit one day soon after I purchased it. I am new to the Forum, but have been doing extensive searches on this problem. ca November 2015 First Printing Owner’s Manual Flex Litho in U. Expedition's, beware those plastic fittings a plastic tee is clamped on the heater hose to supply rear heater, over time the clamps, and or the tee fails. 6-liter four-cylinder engine. The EcoBoost engineering design life is 10 years and 150,000 miles. This series of engines uses standard grades of oil; synthetic oil is not required. 4 triton. Next check the in and out play. 5l ecoboost turbo charger oil feed and return line oil leaks. Resolved engine noise and vibration for about 3000kms and failed. I'm working on a f150 to get the intake manifold off to change the gaskets because of a coolant leak and when I got the hoses from the radiator and the coolant tank it was all brown which means it's Oct 11, 2010 · If you can smell a little bit of a sweet smell from the water on the passenger side floor, or if it has an oily film to it, you may have a leaking heater core. I checked to see where it's coming from and there is a pipe looking thing that sticks out about an inch under the whole cooling system on the firewall. 0 Coyote Engine. 5L EcoBoost V6 - BuyAutoParts 40-31146AN New: Turbochargers - Amazon. 0L twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) engine and built on or before 26-Jul-2016 may exhibit an internally and/or externally leaking engine oil cooler that may result in an overheating engine, engine noise, base engine damage Buy a Mishimoto Natural Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank for your 2011-2014 F-150 from CJ Pony Parts today! This Mishimoto Natural Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank is sturdier than your stock tank and has an easy-to-read sight tube to check coolant levels! On the other hand, a timing cover gasket leak can spread oil over most of your engine, leave drips in odd places, leak sometimes, but not others, and be generally elusive. My 85 f150 is gushing coolant faster than I can put it in I've checked thermostat housing hoses and water pump it's leaking from passenger side my mechanic said it was my engine block heaters repl there has been several major recalls for the early 1. I've ordered a new thermostat but it won't be here for another 2 weeks. First the heat stopped working several weeks ago on the passenger's side, now the heat has stopped working completely and my check engine light came on and my temperature light. These pretty much cover 1. All parts are sold at discounted and competitively priced. Sep 30, 2015 · If the sunroof, moonroof or back window on your Ford F150 leaked, ClassAction. As I stated to the dealer I was certain it was not a coolant leak because I found no coolant in the oil. I add about 1" of coolant every few days. 0L/E4OD with the BW1351. Correct vehicle usage and the authorized disposal of waste, cleaning CR Performance Full Bore Performance Exhaust Manifolds for the 2013-2016 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3. Brought into dealer and they said there was a faulty switch somewhere in the dash. In certain conditions the heater hose may contact the intake manifold and create a coolant leak. net is the best Ford F150 Ecoboost Forum with discussions on 2011+ F150 Ecoboost Trucks. 5L Ford F150 EcoBoost Turbocharger DL3Z-6K682-F Right Side. It had been in other Ford cars in earlier years. should include the carburetor, the radiator, the spark plugs and the ignition coil. Although the side curtain air bag system was designed to suppress the side curtain air bag under this scenario, that information is not explained in the owner's guide for these vehicles as required by FMVSS No. 10's). 0l ecoboost engines may exhibit an oil leak from the engine oil P0430 can be caused by bad O2 sensors, a failing catalytic converter, or a leak in the exhaust system. r/f150: This sub is dedicated to the Ford f-150 and discussion of anything pertaining to it. You can easily diagnose and fix a coolant reservoir tank leak. It's G-rated, and family friendly. 5L Ecoboost New Misfire TSB! a self-inflicted boost leak I have a small screw in there for the time being. When a head gasket leak develops, it may sound like a tapping noise to the driver sitting inside the car. Jan 19, 2009 · This is because the heating system is actually a secondary cooling system that mirrors the main cooling system on your car. New Cars, Used Cars For Sale, Car Prices & Reviews at Automotive. While the car was down and I was still in the wrapping spirit, I had a custom vinyl graphic cut for the rear decklid. Because of its relative closeness to the turbo, excessive temperatures can cause the connector and/or wires to melt. goes into the back of the cylinder head, BL3Z6A968JD goes on the side of the block, BL3Z6A968C goes Jan 11, 2018 · My2014 F-150 Ecoboost is leaking coolant. From all the replies I've seen, most likely the water pump If you suspect an exhaust leak do yourself a favor and have it checked out right away, for the sake of your car, but also to ensure your own health. May 24, 2017 When it comes to a Ford, cylinder #1 is on the passenger side of the An air intake leak can sometimes cause a lean fuel mixture which can  Jun 1, 2017 F-150 (TFC) Canada/United States of America, enUSA, Edition date: 201705, First Motorcraft Parts - 2. Open the coolant expansion tank to allow air in to help drain the system. replace the Coolant leak from turbo? Help. 0L engine. I suppose this is to be expected. Heater plumbing The heater core, which is located in the dashboard of your car, is really a small radiator. 6 ecoboost motors built from Oct 11 2011 to June 2nd 2013 with coolant leaks and what ford has done for the better and our personal safety. I looked around and can see wetness here and there but no leak. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I just purchased a used black Ford F150 XL crew cab "convenience vehicle" from a dealer. Grilles, bed rails, tonneau covers, floor mats, dash kits, wheels – we have exactly the right Ford F150 accessories and parts you need. If you do, you are in the beginning stage of thrust bearing The passenger side curtain air bag will not deploy in the event of a side impact collision when the front passenger seat is empty. Choose top quality brands Motorcraft, VR Gaskets. Dealer oil change is There is coolant leaking from a fitting on the back of the turbo on the driver's side. Dec 11, 2018 What color is your antifreeze? Doubt it is this but severely diluted yellow could produce this result. If it’s watery, it could also be windshield washer fluid. You need to look at a few things. Garbage part, should've known better. Driving with a vacuum leak should not be done because it causes a loss of power to your engine. causing a coolant leak above the 2 front plugs on the passenger side. The vacuum system has lots of different parts, so it can take some time to find the actual leak. First off check shaft play. Dual color-keyed vinyl sunvisors-inc: driver-side pocket, passenger-side mirror insert Tilt/telescoping steering column Driver manual lumbar support (2) aux pwr outlets in instrument panel (4) air registers w/positive shut-off Color-keyed cloth headliner Driver & front passenger grab handles SecuriLock anti-theft ignition 2011 is Ford's year! To prove this the 2011 Ford Mustang GT is getting a new engine dubbed the 5. Jun 05, 2015 · If your turbo has been fine for years and it starts to leak. To start, first remove the top piece of engine cowling on the passenger side by removing the clips - be careful! Information on repairing your 2001-2004 F150 with the 4. 4L Cooling System Service and Engine Coolant Part Numbers There is a petcock on the passenger side, bottom corner of the radiator with a . Any ideas on what to do? Note: When the passenger airbag off lamp If it is necessary to modify an advanced is illuminated, the passenger side airbag front airbag system to accommodate a (seat mounted) may be disabled to avoid person with disabilities, contact the Ford the risk of airbag deployment injuries. Read here for the latest Ford news, including information on open recalls, new models, price changes, consumer reviews and complaints, and more. And his evidence was an empty overflow tank. 2012 Ford F150 3. I was concerned I possibly had a combustion leak so I performed a chemical check for co2 in the coolant system and it came back clear and also sent in an oil sample for analysis and there is no coolant in the oil, so at least that was good. 0L Power Stroke Diesel - Passenger Side Coolant Leak - From Where?!?! - Hey Guys, I have an 04 F350. Engine Problem on the 2016 FORD F-150. Ford ended up putting in a long block and replaced the turbos. 2013 F150 3. Suit alleges defects in Ford's six-cylinder EcoBoost engine . Jun 06, 2017 · How I Can Tell What That Leak in My Driveway Is? By Rick Popely. Hey guys , i own a 2017 f150 with a 2. 7L Powerstroke water pump, but you'll also want a few handy tools to get the job done quicker. of available towing. Had around 150,000 when I bought it. I just bought a 99 F150 and the horn doesn't work. What bothers me most is that I often, in fact almost always, smell the tell tale coolant smell when I open the hood with a hot engine. Maybe a light 40 grade oil It's true that any name brand oil will protect well - it's just choosing the correct interval for that oil in your vehicle. Jun 29, 2016 · Head Gasket Oil Leak– this is a common mechanical issue of a possible oil leak that happens on the passenger side head gasket. Free Same Day Store Pickup. TTMB is open subject, general interest forum for nearly all topics except those listed in the FAQ section. (Example - Swap 3. I'd go with 5w30 anyway with the fuel dilution, high temps and heavy usage. Jul 25, 2009 · Hello, I own a 98 Ranger 2. Got Any Questions? 6. I catch it in time but want to know of the common areas that have slow leaks. Also had a noise at WOT on passenger side turbo. JLT Oil Separator 3. The Ecoboost is a different design engine calling for a different grade oil, Ford is specing what is best for that engine. Coolant Leak Symptoms When your car begins to leak coolant the first indicator is the engine will start run hot and possibly overheat. The leak location is pretty straight forward. Ford should been aware of this problem long ago and I should have never had to deal with Dec 04, 2012 · 21759 2010-2011 taurus sho, mks, flex, and mkt 3. In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the driver side frontal airbag As leaking engine coolant evaporates on the hot engine, the glycol may ignite causing an engine compartment fire. If this is the case, usually you’ll notice thick, white smoke from the tailpipe and/or engine oil that looks like a mocha milkshake when you inspect the oil dipstick. ? I took it to a Firestone recently and they said I had to take it to the dealer or to Ford directly. passenger side does not leak at all. On passenger side found tiny traces up there too so it had started to leak just not enough to make it to the driveway so freakin' ticked!! This article supersedes TSB 16-0140 to add the predefined repair (PDR) codes. com Order Ford F150 Transmission Cooler Line Assembly online today. From what I can tell it is coming from somewhere on the rear passenger side of the motor. Ford triton 46 54 68 l f150 f250 600w e150 e250. Engine coolant temperature passenger safety belts were the temperature warning light, fluid leaks,. If your vehicle's engine has been running too hot, overheating, or running too cold it could mean there is a leak in the I just bought a 2005 with 4. 5-Liter V-6. Car problem(s) with the 2016 FORD F-150. It gave off a strong burnt oil smell whenever the vehicle was at a rest wi Oct 20, 2016 · 2001 F150 Fuse Box Diagram, 2003 ford f150 owners manual Navbar Menu, 2003 ford f150 owners manual 2001 F150 Fuse Box Diagram, 2003 ford f150 owners manual. Ford EcoBoost engines combine turbocharging and direct injection to improve fuel so well that the driver forgets he's driving a low-emissions vehicle with good fuel economy. There is coolant in the valley and it is leaking down the pass side of the truck. Hi. B0001 FORD 31,380 Views Driver Frontal Stage 1 Deployment Control; B0002 FORD 6,431 Views Driver Frontal Stage 2 Deployment Control: Signal Cross Coupled Jun 19, 2013 · Login with Google Login with Facebook. Jul 16, 2019 · the coolant system's "t connector" was leaking onto my wiring harness and presented a potential fire hazard much like the recall notice for similar ford vehicles. Log Into FordPass. Sep 17, 2018 · there are a total of 3 different size coolant connectors on the truck (per side)nBL3Z6A968B . The actual purpose of the MOTOBLUE oil separator kit on a supercharged vehicle is simple, it is a Maintenance Free, Attactive, OE quality tested "better oil separator". Application: Ford F & E Series 7. 5 V6 Ecoboost Block Heater Recommendation; The Kat's block heater you need for your 2012 Ford F-150 is a cartridge style heater part # KH11815 which installs in the cartridge on the motor in the "right front" position which is the passenger side of the motor closest to front of it. Took to shop. My 2003 V6 is in the same boat. 0L. Found out it is leaking from my drivers side turbo. Saw bubbles and pressure in overfill   Sep 12, 2016 At 65K the water pump failed and dumped coolant into the oil. l Freeze plugs are in different places on different cars, but normally they will be down the side of the block (at least 3 of them) and in the back of the block, between the engine and the transmission. Sep 23, 2015 · Hi. With today’s aluminum cylinder heads, it’s quite possible that your cylinder head may have small cracks that are allowing coolant to leak internally. 0L engine and it has a slow coolant leak I can't find. i checked the oil and had Apr 12, 2016 · Some 2014 F-150 vehicles equipped with a 3. I brought it into the dealership today and I told the service tech it's probably an evaporator core leak. All under original power train warranty. THESE LAMPS DO NOT CONTAIN THE REQUIRED AMBER SIDE REFLECTORS. 2 v6 that I purchased new from Ford. I have a coolant leak that drips pretty darn good even when the motor is cold. I've got a 2011 F150 Ecoboost and since its a Canadian version in the US, sometimes it would be nice to have those DRL (Daytime Running Lights) on Off. It's all on the drive side and it appears to mostly be below the driver side turbo  Jan 11, 2018 The turbo has a coolant supply hose and a coolant return hose that can leak, although the return hose rarely leaks. It is made of high-quality materials and well-designed to fit on my 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium. 0 Satin Oil Separator was an easy install. 2L 167,000 miles. Founded in 1985 by two friends and their passion for a cool, classic Mustang to drive, CJ Pony Parts is all about the love of the automotive restoration and performance hobby. Jan 3, 2018 Ford says it will repair any coolant leaks that might be found in more than examining Ford transmission recall involving F-150 pickups. Oct 04, 2012 · Mines leaking from the rear passenger side of the engine as well ( I started a thread on this in the Engine Section of this site ). It does not smell of coolant and I have not had any white smoke or odor of coolant in the vehicle. Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driver and/or front passenger side seat belt retractor(s) and pretensioner(s), free of charge. Apr 14, 2016 · One last leak you may have is the transmission cooler that is in the radiator or in front of the radiator is leaking. Dozens of drivers have complained about water leaking into the cabs of their vehicles – and now attorneys are trying to determine what’s causing the problem and whether a class action can be filed. Not enough to get past the The bright side? 2 fittings and 3 gaskets get  Nov 15, 2014 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - coolant loss but no visible leaks - I have a 2012 EB with 67k miles, I am loosing coolant but don't see an obvious leak  Oct 14, 2017 V6 Engines (including Ecoboost) - Coolant Leak - I have a question. We got an exclusive look at the engine and bring you all the details and Normally this would not be an issue if the PCV system was constatnlty evacuating these but since the ecoboost only evacuates at idel, and easy non-boost operation, everytime the engine transitions to boost the intake manifold vacuum source is closed byt the checkvalve in the passenger side valve cover (PCV valve) and the engine provides NO evac Porsche 996/997 Prostock Turbo Manifolds Features: Precision Fabricated from high grade stainless steel; Robotically TIG welded construction; CNC Ported head flange; Sealing surfaces machined flat ensuring a leak free seal; ProStock design allows use of all factory or aftermarket components (02 housing, downpipe, oil & coolant plumbing, charge Jul 17, 2007 · Lots Of White Smoke Out of Exhaust Pipe. Locate A Dealer. Note: Has (2) 90 Degree Ends. Ford F-150 Oil May Leak Onto Starter From Passenger-Side Head Gasket - 158 reports. I have to add coolant every couple days. Ford told the agency that a cylinder-head cap plug could loosen, allowing coolant to leak from the engine. 0l ecoboost engines may exhibit an oil leak from the engine oil I'd go with 5w30 anyway with the fuel dilution, high temps and heavy usage. ford. 412 . safercars. Today my friend noticed that the drivers side door handles are chrome and the passenger side door handles are An occupant that is not be properly restrained is at an increased risk of injury in the event of a crash. When your car cools, the excess coolant will cool as well and return back to the radiator, typically leaving the reservoir tank 1/3 full. Apr 13, 2019 · How to Diagnose a Cooling System Problem. com ford. (the two that connect through the firewall on the passenger side, right?) last night, and they didn't appear The EcoBoost turbo bearings are water-cooled in the same coolant loop as the engine to bring turbo temperatures down. Simply put, no one does Ford F-150 accessories better than CARiD. Dec 31, 2015 · A vacuum leak is not something that can be fixed yourself, it is best left to the professionals. my haynes manual only mentions the 3. You will want to get you a new Ford 6. 5l Ecoboost. All in all your not going to find a better running power stroke for your money. It is using coolant and I do not see an external leak. Pretty simple use 5W30 for an Ecoboost engine. If the leak was "internal" you likely wouldn't smell it under the hood. Customer Relationship Center. Lawsuit Claims Defects in Ford EcoBoost 3. 7L EcoBoost™. Take a look at our wide variety of used auto parts, including Find quality Ford F150 Pickup parts and other used Auto parts from the top auto salvage yards. Since this is only affecting one side of the engine, that narrows down possible causes. S. Ford's number for this recall is 15C17. This 2009 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram post shows two fuse boxes; the Battery Junction Box/Power Distribution Box located under the hood and the Smart Junction Box/Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel Drivers side turbo coolant leak. Same original parts sold at the new car dealership, amazing prices, and always the latest updated versions. Jun 27, 2016 · Full test of the refreshed 2017 Ford Escape with its new 1. It leaks out of the right (passenger) side, where the expansion tank is located. Mar 23, 2018 · 2013 Ford F150 3. The intake manifold is attached to the top of the engine by the intake manifold gasket, which has to be monitored as it is susceptible to cracking under the heat and pressure and allowing coolant or oil to escape. This is all anecdotal but the impression I've gotten from reading F150 and Ecoboost boards is the 2011 had a few more recurring problems than later editions. fixed engine block coolant leak Oil changed New front suspension upper control arms. High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) Hose - DEC020802. Sep 10, 2014 · I have a 2003 Taurus with the 3,. The manufacturer will take this car and install 3. 159960 mi The oil then collects in the upper plenum and on the intercooler. 2004 F150 (f12) Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt) USA English (fus) Page 1 2016 FLEX Owner’s Manual owner. 5-liter turbo engine. Recently serviced: brakes in front front ball joints Front strut pass front caliper 4WD vacuum selenoid Driver side wheel end bearing 4WD actuator. 0 Satin Oil Separator Install. A whistle is usually caused by a leak in the low-pressure side of the turbo; a hiss is  Find Ford F-150 recalls information, reported by the NHTSA, and we will help AS AFTERMARKET EQUIPMENT FOR VARIOUS PASSENGER VEHICLES. I have a coolant leak at the turbo. in just a short time then your The 2013 Ford F-150 has 187 NHTSA complaints for the electrical system at 56,737 miles average. Coolant Leak; mk4 ALH I've had a coolant leak for a while now; it started by leaking just a little, but now it's to the point where the reservoir will be empty within a few days of filling it. The problem is, I can't isolate where and neither could the tech at Firestone, who even did I have a 1997 f150 4. Locate the drain spigot, bottom of radiator, inside engine compartment, passenger side. elle decor Ford F150 MY19 10sp V8 Raptor Upgrade with 35x10 wheels, custom flares, custom suspension upgade, power roll lid, gril upgrade, custom leather, tub liner, exhaust upgrade, electric trailer brakes, integrated tow bar, satellite navigation, reverse camera, parking sensors, power side steps with two types of custom lighting, all aluminium body im flushin the coolant on monday. you state your a gm tech? Hi, This is my first post in the forum. With the engine idling, take your can and spray down the vacuum lines and listen for the engine’s idle to change. May 30, 2014 · When there's white smoke, check first for coolant leak. In this case, the dipstick oil level may actually rise, indicating a significant amount of coolant has leaked into the crankcase. In production since 1948, the F-Series includes full-size pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, and commercial vehicles. As a result of the dye change, the coolant can appear green under certain conditions such as low light and against a dark background (e. You really shouldn’t feel much at all. car and driver save 79% subscribe give a gift visit the website customer service. , inside a radiator with black end tanks). There is two coolant lines, and an oil line on the bottom. Additionally, it conducts coolant through to the cylinders in order to reduce the temperature of the engine. 00 dollars in Buy Right Passenger Side Turbo Turbocharger For Ford F150 F-150 Expedition Transit Lincoln Navigator 3. Came in for lack of power. Ok so my car has a coolant leak somewhere on the passenger side. A normal rear wheel drive passenger car will run about 2. 1 people found this helpful. I popped the hood and got my Dec 02, 2014 · This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014). Saddle fuel tank needs replaced. Had gotten a SES (Service Engine Soon) light on and throwing several codes for EGT12 and was taking into the dealership anyway so I asked them if they would mind looking at the When adding coolant, make sure it is a 50/50 mixture of engine coolant and distilled water. So i got the leak stopped and test drove the car about a mile down the road and noticed car wus weak and didnt feel right so i turned around and when i wus pulling back into the driveway and all my colant come out and car started makeing noise on passenger side of motor. I've also noticed the burning oil smell when idle or after a drive. 0l ecoboost engine may exhibit an oil leak from the engine oil pan rtv seal. 5L 4cyl and it is leaking coolant from under the passenger side of the truck. When you hear the motor come off idle, and rev up slightly, you have got your leak. 7L engine and built 1/23/14 and through 3/30/14 may exhibit a coolant leak at the rear of the engine at the heater hose. ( A Right-hand side. The claim by the Autonation dealer is that the nut from the passenger side turbo shaft, which is oddly star shaped from what I saw visually on the one that remained on the driver side turbo traveled through the shared intake manifold to the other side turbo, damaged that impeller as it passed through it and then into the engine. So follow me on how to turn on or off your F150 Ecoboost DRL. 6l V8 Coolant Leak from Rear of Engine. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Buy a 2012 Ford F150 Coolant Recovery Tank Seal at discount prices. We are having major issues with our 09 Ford F150 Lariat. which in turn caused a misfire and shakeing engine Ford F-250 Super Duty Oil May Leak onto Starter From Passenger-Side Head Gasket - 40 reports. Some 2017-19 F-Series Super Dutys, and 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviators with 3. RIGHT PASSENGER SIDE TURBO TURBOCHARGER FITS 13-16 FORD F150 PICKUP 3. Sometimes i see wetness on the ground, passenger side toward the front area of engine. 5 ecoboost with 70k miles. There is always a little side to side. However, at times they do occur and require replacement. Oct 07, 2015 · The one thing that really derailed the diagnosis was the fact that coolant was only leaking on the passengers so I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the drivers side. The 2017 Ford Expedition features standard front, front-side, and curtain airbags, a third-row safety canopy, front passenger knee airbag, and rear outboard inflatable seatbelts. The Ford F-Series is a series of light-and medium-duty trucks (Classes 2–7) that have been marketed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company. We have the largest selection of Ford F150 Pickup parts at discount prices. 7 ecoboost engine and nothing but trouble since day 1 After 2 months of buying, the heater quit, and we live in mid ONT CA and we were in Feb. BROMONT, QC, CANADA, J2L 1M5 CRPENGINEERING. COM | SALES@CRPENGINEERING. It was <5 yrs and <50K miles. 5L Ecoboost, & 2015-2019 It really discourages me. This will be noticed by the driver by observing the uick Reference Charts 1 Revised 7/2/2019 Motorcraft® Engine Antifreeze/Coolants - Usage Chart (Model Years 2018 and forward) Vehicle Model Year 2018 2019 2020 FORD C-MAX Hybrid O N/A N/A Ford F150 Ecoboost Performance Parts and Tuning. The orange engine coolant’s dye package has been modified slightly to improve leak check capability using black light. Mechanic says it's coming out of the driver's side turbo. Drivers side tail light went out (full of water somehow), so I had to order a new one from Ford. Sep 05, 2012 · In a report posted on Wednesday to the Web site of the safety agency, the automaker said the latest recall affected vehicles with the turbocharged EcoBoost 1. To confirm a coolant leak, shut off the engine, let it set for an hour or two, unthread the drain plug and use a clear glass or plastic bottle to catch the liquid. OEM Motorcraft For Ford Lincoln Mercury Radiator Coolant Recovery Tank Cap RS527 OEM Ford F150 InterCooler 2. The later models changed it up a bit by relocating the ICP to the front of the passenger side valve cover but the sensor could still fail internally allowing high pressure oil to leak. Issues with the coolant system in your vehicle can be difficult to diagnose. simply search "2013 ford f150 coolant leak" and the t connector problem is at the top of the search results. Exhaust fumes are dangerous and if they are able to make their way into the cabin you run a serious risk of major health issues. It's not a lot and it only happens every couple of days, but it IS a coolant leak. I can not find the leak. level 2 The coolant system's "t connector" was leaking onto my wiring harness and presented a potential fire hazard much like the recall notice for similar Ford vehicles. Another common F-150 mechanical issue can be an oil leak on the passenger side head gasket. If 5W50, or 5W40 was better they'd spec that, same goes for 5W20. See the 2012 Ford F150 price range, expert review, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and listings near you. I used gray RTV on both sides of the timing cover gasket and then assembled. B Left-hand side. some 2010-2011 model year vehicles equipped with a 3. 2013 F-150 Saves Occupants From EF-5 Tornado By Marcus Slater - June 19, 2013 While a 2004 to 2008 F150 cat-back exhaust system generally won't give you much or a performance gain, they do give your V8-powered F150 a very impressive sound. That bank has a lean condition meaning it doesn't have enough fuel for the given amount of air. It has the 5. COM 6. f150 ecoboost coolant leak passenger side

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